WOC 2016 Long Women: BIG Analysis

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The Women’s WOC 2016 Long distance race was special in that there were big time difference already at the 2nd control. Many runners lost the race already at the 3.5 kilometer long leg to the 2nd control. The battle for victory was between the eventual winner Tove Alexanderseson (Sweden) and Russian silver medalist ...

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WOC Long Men 2016: GPS & Splits Analysis

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The WOC 2016 Long distance course was characterized by several challenging long legs where both routechoice and execution was important in order to perform well. Olav Lundanes solved the long legs best – giving him his third World Championships title on the long distance. The first part of the analysis is focused ...

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WOC 2016 Long: Maps and Results


[Updated with GPS animations] The two biggest favourites Olav Lundanes (Norway) and Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) won the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) Long distance.  According to several runners the race was tougher than expected – and the very long route already to the second control after a short first control was ...

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WOC Middle Men 2016: BIG GPS & Splits analysis

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Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland), Olav Lundanes (Norway) and Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland) had a very tight battle for victory in the Men’s World Orienteering Championships Middle distance 2016 in Tanum, Sweden. At the arena passage 6 minutes before the finish, the three runners were within 15 seconds with Olav Lundanes first. In the ...

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WOC Middle Women 2016: BIG GPS & Splits analysis

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Tove Alexandersson was the big favourite for the WOC middle distance in Tanum, but the Swedish runner got a surprisingly tough fight from Canadian Emily Kemp. After a miss by Kemp towards the end of the course,  Heidi Bagstevold (Norway, silver) and Natalia Gemperle (Russia, bronze) passed Kemp on the results. ...

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WOC 2016 Middle: Maps and Results


[With GPS animations] Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) and Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) won the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) middle distance 2016 in Tanum, Sweden in varied and technical courses.   In the men’s class Kyburz won ahead of Olav Lundanes (Norway) and Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland). Kyburz decided the race by a very good finish. Both ...

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WOC 2016 Sprint & Sprint Relay Pictures: Sorted by Country!

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Nearly 1000 pictures from WOC 2016 Sprint & Sprint Relay have been sorted by country & runner and have been posted at WorldofO.com’s Facebook page and at the WorldofO athlete profiles. There is one album for each country in the WorldofO.com’s Facebook page. There were eight countries sharing the 27 medals handed out – ...

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