JWOC 2017 Middle: Maps and Results


Favourite victories to Olli Ojanaho (Finland) and Simona Aebersold (Switzerland) in the Junior World Orienteering Championships Middle in Tampere, Finland. Ojanaho was the big favourite in the men’s class after winning his qualification heat with more than 2 minutes. His victory in the final was also a clear one, with Norwegian ...

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JWOC 2017 Middle Qual: Maps and Results


Olli Ojanaho (Finland), Simon Imark (Sweden), Akseli Ruohola (Finland)/Mathieu Perrin (France, shared victory) , Veera Klemettinen (Finland) , Simona Aebersold (Switzerland) and Sofia Bachmann (Switzerland) won the heats in the Middle distance qualification which opened the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Tampere, Finland today. The qualification was dominated by ...

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2900 photos from WOC 2017 online: Sorted by Country & Athlete

venlaharju_WOC2017Relay 2

More than 2500 pictures from WOC 2017 have been sorted by athlete & country and have been posted at WorldofO.com’s Facebook page and at the WorldofO athlete profiles. Feel free to use the pictures online with photo-byline “Photo: WorldofO.com”. By country on Facebook  Australia  Austria  Azerbaijan  Belgium  Belarus  Brazil  Canada Bulgaria  China  Croatia  Cyprus  Czech Republic ...

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JWOC 2017: All You Need To Know


The Junior World Championships 2017 start with Middle Qual on Monday July 10th, continues with Middle Final on Tuesday, Sprint Wednesday, Long Friday and Relay Sunday. The championship is organized around Tampere, Finland – and will offer GPS-tracking, online internet results, video feed in internet and live speaker at all ...

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WOC 2017 Relay: Quick Analysis of Decisive Points


The tricky terrain at the WOC 2017 lead to bigger mistakes than we normally see at a WOC relay – also among the top teams. Norway’s winning team in the men’s class and Sweden’s winning team in the women’s class each had three good technical races. This is a very quick ...

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WOC 2017 Relay: Maps and Results


[Updated with Sweden’s Gold in the women’s class] Norway did just as last year – winning WOC Relay Gold medal in the men’s race after Olav Lundanes ran away from the bunch on the second leg and delivering Magne Dæhli a one minute lead. France finished second after Thierry Gueorgiou’s ...

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WOC Middle Women 2017: Quick GPS & Splits analysis


Tove Alexandersson crushed everybody at the Women’s World Orienteering Championships Middle distance 2017 in Estonia – winning with a margin of 2 minutes to Marianne Andersen’s Silver and 4(!) minutes to Venla Harju’s Bronze. The tricky course was very challenging for the women, and we saw more mistakes than usual with ...

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WOC 2017 Relay Favourite Preview – LIVE from 12:00 CET


[Relay men starts 12:00 CET, relay women starts 14:00 CET, (local time one hour later)].  The relays which mark the end of a great World Orienteering Championships (WOC) in Tartu, Estonia will surely be very interesting – with 6-10 different teams battling for the medals. The arena for the relay is the ...

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WOC Middle Men 2017: BIG GPS & Splits analysis


Thierry Gueorgiou (France), Fabian Hertner (Switzerland) and Oleksandr Kratov (Ukraine) had a tight battle for victory on a very technical course in the Men’s World Orienteering Championships Middle distance 2017 in Estonia.  The course was a very technical middle distance course in a terrain with relatively low visibility, variable runnability and ...

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WOC 2017 Middle: Maps and Results


[Updated with women’s results] The King of Middle is back! 6 years after Thierry Gueorgiou took his last victory in his favourite race – the World Orienteering Championships Middle distance, Gueorgiou did it again. In his last individual WOC race. What a fairytale-ending! Happiness, relief and a lot of other ...

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