World Cup Opener 2023 Relay: Maps and Results


Sweden won both the men’s and women’s relay in very exciting races at the final day of the World Cup opening weekend of 2023 – with Sweden’s second team being the winner in the women’s class. Both Kasper Fosser (Norway 1) and Tove Alexandersson (Sweden 1) had off days after ...

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World Cup Opener 2023 Middle: Maps, Results and Analysis


In a very tight middle distance with less than 20 seconds separating the best runners both in the men’s and women’s classes Sara Hagström (Sweden) took her first World Cup victory ever while Kasper Fosser (Norway) took his second victory in two races.  In the women’s class Tove Alexandersson looked ...

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World Cup Opener 2023 Long: Maps, Results and Analysis


After nearly 90 minutes of orienteering in tough terrain only seconds separated the top runners in both the men’s and women’s class in the long distance opening this year’s World Cup. Last years’ winners of the overall World Cup, Tove Alexandersson (SWE) and Kasper Fosser (NOR), had the margins on ...

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World Cup Opening 2023: All You Need To Know


The first Orienteering World Cup Round of 2023 is about to begin in Østfold, Norway, as the world’s best athletes gather from Thursday April 27th until Sunday April 30th for a Long distance race on Thursday, a Middle distance race on Saturday and a Relay race on Sunday. The races will ...

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Lucky voters: Check if you won fantastic prizes!


New Year’s Gift: Check here if you are one of winners of the 22 prizes worth more than 4000 Euros in total in your voting or nomination for “The Orienteering Course of 2022″!  To all winners: Please try to bring as many friends as possible to the event you won a prize ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 24 2022


The final leg in this 16th edition of Route to Christmas 2022 is a quite special long leg from the European Championships Long distance in Estonia. While the runners where allowed to cross the river wherever they wanted (at least some of the runners were aware of this during the race, but ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 23 2022


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas 2022 is leg 11 from the long distance race of the Aguiar da Beira Orienteering Meeting (ABOM) 2022 in Portugal. Thanks a lot to Rafael Miguel for the tip! According to Rafael, the ABOM 2022 long distance race was a tough long distance in very ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 22 2022


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas 2022 is from the European Championships Middle distance in Estonia this summer. This was a very interesting race, with many mistakes being done in the dense, tricky forest. Thanks again to Arild Andersen for the tip! The chosen leg is the 6th leg in the ...

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