Live TV broadcasting from Swedish League finals May 12th-14th


[Friday 14:45 CET, Saturday 10:45 CET, Sunday 09:45 CET] The Swedish League finals with live web-TV broadcasting from all 3 disciplines May 12th – May 14th. Commentator is Michael Hallner, assisted by orienteering experts Jerker Lysell (sprint, Friday), Joakim Ingelsson (middle distance, Saturday) and Kalle Dalin (finals with pursuit start, shortened ...

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10Mila 2017: Maps & Results


Stora Tuna won an extremely tight battle for victory in the women’s relay after a phantom race by Tove Alexandersson while IFK Göteborg took a clear 10 minute victory in the men’s relay after deciding it all on the unforked 8th leg.  In the women’s race  Tampereen Pyrintö had a ...

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Aguiar da Beira O-Meeting 2017: Maps and Results


Thierry Gueorigou and Svetlana Mironova (WRE Middle) and Andreu Blanes and Ekaterina Nikitina (WRE Sprint) won the two World Ranking events organized on the same day at Aguiar da Beira O-Meeting in Portugal on Saturday. Sunday’s long distance (not WRE) was won by Thierry Gueorgiou and Maren Jansson Haverstad. Aguiar da Beira ...

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Portugal O-Meeting 2017 Day 3 WRE: Maps and Results


Lucas Basset (France) and Simone Niggli (Switzerland) won the World Ranking stage of this year’s edition of Portugal O-Meeting – a middle distance in tricky terrain were some had trouble reading the very detailed map.  Basset won the men’s class half a minute ahead of Swedes Johan Runesson and Rassmus Andersson ...

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Portugal O-Meeting 2017 Day 1 & 2: Maps and Results


Thierry Gueorgiou (France), Simone Niggli (Switzerland), Olav Lundanes (Norway) and Nadiya Volynska (Ukraine) took the victories on the first two days of Portugal O-Meeting – with Lundanes and Volynska winning Saturday’s middle distance and very experienced Guergiou and Niggli being fastest on Sunday’s long distance. Portugal O-Meeting has traditionally been one ...

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World Ranking Races & LIVE GPS-tracking this weekend


Two World Ranking races with live GPS tracking in Portugal (Sprint on Saturday and Middle on Sunday) and one World Ranking race in Spain (Long on Saturday) are on the plan for this weekend. Highly ranked athletes are on the start in all three events. Links to Live GPS-tracking: Men ...

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Route to Christmas 2016: Bonus Leg 3


This third Bonus Leg in the 2016 edition of Route to Christmas is from Austria – from the Austrian Championships Long 2016 organized at June 4th 2016. Thanks to course setter Martin Veitsberger for the tip! The leg is as usually first provided without routes – you may take a ...

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Route to Christmas 2016: Bonus Leg 2


The second bonus leg in the 2016 edition of Route to Christmas is a sprint leg from the Norwegian Championships sprint, organized in Bergen in May 2016. The chosen leg was used both in the mens’ and womens’ courses towards the very end of the course.  The leg is as ...

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Route to Christmas 2016: Bonus Leg 1


There was another leg in the Finnish WOC selection race Long distance that was very interesting – and therefore a bonus Route to Christmas leg: Leg 5 in the H21E course from the race. The leg is as usually first provided without routes – you may take a look at ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 24 2016


A long leg where no solution feels like a really good solution – that’s the type of leg we have chosen for the last day of the 2016 edition of Route to Christmas. The 3 km long leg is from Finland, from the Finnish WOC selection race Long, organized at June ...

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