Suunto Games 2016 Long: Maps and Results


Helena Jansson and Olav Lundanes were fastest in the Long distance race of Suunto Games 2016 in next years’ World Orienteering Championships (WOC) area in Estonia. Lundanes had another tight battle with Swiss Matthias Kyburz – winning with only 16 seconds. Jansson had a crushing victory with nearly 6 minutes ...

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Suunto Games 2016: Pre WOC in Estonia


Many of the world’s best orienteers will compete in Estonia at Suunto Games this weekend in preparation for next years’  World Orienteering Championships (WOC). In addition there will be an official WOC 2017 training camp in Estonia this week. Two World Ranking events are organized this weekend – one long ...

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JEC 2016: Top Juniors competing in Scotland


[LIVE Results: Sprint Friday 16:50 CET, Relay Saturday 11:50 CET, Long Sunday 10:30 CET] The Junior European Cup (JEC) 2016 is organized in Stirling, Scotland. JEC is an annual event for junior national teams – a good opportunity for the best and second best juniors to compete.  The athletes compete in M/W18 ...

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Euromeeting 2016: Friday – Sunday in Latvia


[LIVE GPS-tracking Friday 15:05 CET, Saturday 14:30 CET, Sunday 11:05 CET] Euromeeting starts Friday 23/9 at 14:00 CET with a Middle distance, continues with Long distance on Saturday and finishes off with a Sprint on Sunday. Several top runners choose the high quality Euromeeting races in Latvia to prepare for ...

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Were the WOC 2016 maps good enough?


The World Orienteering Championships is the major orienteering event of the year – an event were everybody expects top map quality, with maps drawn according to the international standards for orienteering maps. There have been some discussions on the map quality for WOC 2016, however.  Was the map quality for the WOC ...

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WOC 2016: Analysis Summary of All Races


[With summary of all analyses & direct link to the original analyses] WOC in Strömstad has offered intriguing orienteering challenges for the world’s best athletes in 5 competitions; Sprint, Sprint Relay, Middle, Long and Relay.  Below a summary of the analysis are given for each race. In addition you find ...

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2500 pictures from WOC 2016 now online!


More than 2500 pictures from WOC 2016 have been sorted by athlete & country and have been posted at’s Facebook page and at the WorldofO athlete profiles. You find the pictures here: WorldofO athlete profiles – photos added for each athlete on the athlete profile page’s Facebook page – one album for each country. ...

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WOC 2016 Relay Men: Very Quick Analysis


Norway had the best leg time on all three legs – very impressive! That did, of course, give Gold. Switzerland were 2nd, 3rd and 2nd on the three legs. Good, but no good enough. Sweden had a very bad start – but were saved by Bergman (2nd best leg time) & Lind ...

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WOC 2016 Relay Women: Video Clip Analysis


The WOC 2016 Women’s relay featured a very interesting battle between the six favourite teams Russia, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. The decision points are marked in the splits graph with letters A-J. For each decision point, there is a GPS animation video. Under each video there is a quick-link ...

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WOC Relay 2016: Maps and Results


Gold for Norway in the Men’s class and Russia in the Women’s class in the Men’s World Orienteering Championships (WOC) relay today.  While Norway won a clear victory in the men’s class, the battle for the medals was very tight in the women’s class. Men: Norway from the start Norway won ...

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