WOC Long 2017 Men: BIG Analysis


Why did Olav Lundanes win the race, what were the decisive moments in the race, and what were the best choices on all the interesting routechoice legs the Men’s WOC 2017 Long distance course had to offer? This article attempts to answer these questions based on detailed analysis of GPS-data ...

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WOC Long 2017: Maps and Results


[Updated with men’s results] Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) and Olav Lundanes (Norway) are the World Champions on Long distance in Rouge, Estonia – just like in Strömstad, Sweden last year. Last year both were basically on home ground – this year they met a very different challenge in green and tough ...

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WOC 2017 Long Course: First Look


  We are ready for a very tough and green Long distance in Rouge, Estonia today. Here is a quick first look at the women’s course and some of the challenges the athletes will meet. Follow the race live here: Background material: Startlist WOC Long, WorldofO All You Need to Know article, Maps &Results from WOC ...

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WOC Long Favourite Preview – Final LIVE from 10:14 CET

olavlundanes_WOC2016Long 13

Finally start of the forest part of WOC 2017! The women start from 10:14 CET (11:14 local time) with decisions around 13:20 CET. The men start from 11:43 CET with decisions around 15:50 CET. With estimated winning times of 80 minutes for the women and 100 minutes for the men this is ...

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EYOC 2017 Slovakia: Maps and Results


Victories went to France (2), Hungary (2), Finland, Switzerland, Poland and Slovakia in the individual races at the European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC) in Slovakia this weekend. The relays were won by France (2), Switzerland and Finland. EYOC offered very nice competitions in Slovakia in interesting terrain with many contour ...

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WOC 2017 Sprint Relay: GPS & Splits Analysis


[Updated with control-by-control analysis towards the bottom of the article] Big mistakes by the men decided the World Orienteering Championships Sprint Relay 2017 – a change compared to earlier editions were there have been small time differences between the top teams on the two men’s legs. Sweden took their first ever ...

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WOC 2017 Sprint Relay: Maps and Results


Sweden won the Sprint Relay ahead of Denmark and Switzerland after a strong team performance. Jonas Leandersson opened up a big gap at the third leg after big mistakes by Great Britain and Switzerland, and Helena Jansson could easily run  Sweden to the Gold medal. The big drama happend on the ...

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WOC 2017 Sprint Women Analysis: All decision points explained!


Lots of non-optimal routechoices by the top runners made this an extremely interesting sprint. Even if Alm won with 37 seconds, her technical performance had enough holes that three other runners – Natalia Gemperle, Galina Vinogradova and Anastasia Denisova – would have had the possibility to beat Alm’s time with ...

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WOC 2017 Sprint Relay Preview – LIVE from 16:05 CET


Denmark is the big favourite – Switzerland and Sweden are the clear medal favourites. Russia and Great Britain have both very strong teams and should also be able to battle for the medals. Read on for a preview of the favourites for WOC 2017 Sprint Relay. Program: Start at 16:05 CET; 17:05 local time. ...

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