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Top 2008 Events: Hungaria Cup 2008


How do you orienteer and plan your routechoices in the terrain used for the Hungaria Cup 2008? Hungaria Cup 2008 – staged from July 2nd until July 6th in Hungary – is one of the events featured in the article series “Top Multiday O-events 2008″ at World of O – giving you event presentations with a special twist! Read more about the “Top Multiday O-events 2008″ feature articles here – including information about how to submit your event. The content in this article is written mostly by the organizers, and World of O is not responsible for any inaccuracies.

The terrain – and how to master it!


The terrain is a usual Central European forest with mixed vegetation, lots of rocks, mostly good runnability and a moderate degree of steepness. You can run at high speed in dominantly easy runnable forest with good visibility. As a result of forestry activities, there is a dense road-system that raises average speed. The area of day 1-2. partially, the terrain of the last two days has never been used for orienteering so far.

Typical routechoice challenges

In this leg, there are three possibilities:

  • RED: this route choice is technically the easiest, you can run a lot on paths with not too much climbing
  • YELLOW: you are certainly in good shape, if you choose to go straight, because you have to climb the hill, and in addition your compass bearing should be very accurate, if you don’t want to get lost. But on the other hand, this route is the shortest, so it can be worth it.
  • BLUE: this variation is a quite easy route, but you must be more concentrated (in the green area) when you approach the control. Altogether you have to push hard from the very beginning, because there are lots of contour lines.

And which is the best decision? Visit Hungaria Cup 2008 and try it!


Why choose Hungaria Cup 2008?

… Mobile-O, Mountainbike-O, Mikrosprint, GPS Race, Trail-O or O-Thriatlon – whatever you like …

  • Great opportunity for those wishing to compete in the WOC 2008 as the Hungaria Cup is only one week before in a really similar environment, and it is only 4 hours by car from the location of WOC.
  • The WRE round is great challenge for the best, and will be an exciting experience for supporters.
  • Besides enjoying the 5-day competition, you can test your skills on the accompanying events. Mobile-O, Mountainbike-O, Mikrosprint, GPS Race, Trail-O or O-Thriatlon – whatever you like.
  • Accommodation options are available around the lake of Tata within a radius of 500 meters, and also many opportunities to enjoy programs at night, the company of old and new friends, parties, and celebrate together with the winners, making it memorable.
  • If you have never been in Hungary, it is great opportunity to become acquainted with Hungarian terrains before the WOC in 2009.

You can find all information about Hungaria Cup through World of O Calendar:

Hungaria Cup 2008: More than only orienteering!

… if you only wish to rest on the waterfront in the hot Hungarian summer, plenty of pleasure resorts are awaiting you …

You can explore significant historical sites and the beautiful natural surroundings of Tata or even Budapest after the competition. The castle and the English park of Tata, the fortresses of Komárom or the castles of Várgesztes and Vitányvár, only to mention some of them. The Ászár-Neszmély Wine Region invites you with intimate cellars and excellent wines such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc Muscat Ottonel or the Cserszegi Fűszeres. But if you only wish to rest on the waterfront in the hot Hungarian summer, plenty of pleasure resorts are awaiting you. Relaxation, leisure, entertainment – what ever you need you will find it.


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