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Hubmann and Kauppi on top …

… but Thierry Gueorgiou (FRA) and Dana Brozkova (CZE) are heading the Middle and Long distance rankings, respectively. This is the status for the World of O Ranking at the end of the 2008 season – including the World Cup finals.

Kauppi Queen of Olomouc

After Anne Margrethe Hausken’s (NOR) fantastic EOC and O-Ringen dominance – and clear Overall World Cup victory, many have forgotten that Minna Kauppi (FIN) was actually best when it really counted: At the World Orienteering Championships in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Kauppi took the Gold medal in Middle, Silver medal in Sprint and another Gold medal in the Relay. Adding last years Gold medal at the WOC long distance, this is enough to give Kauppi the top of the World of O Ranking 2008 at the end of the season – with a clear lead ahead of Anne Margrethe Hausken. Heli Jukkola (FIN) is third overall after having injury problems at the WOC (but a strong EOC), while Simone Niggli who is now back in Swiss Elite orienteering winning competitions is still number four on the ranking based on her 2007 results.

Brozkova on Long distance

Taking a look at the rankings for the various disciplines, Hausken is obviously on top over the Sprint distance – and Kauppi is a clear number one in Middle. Over the Long distance, Dana Brozkova (CZE) has a clear lead ahead of Marianne Andersen (NOR).

Dream season for Hubmann

Daniel Hubmann (SUI) has had a dream season, winning the WOC gold medal over the Long distance, winning the overall World Cup – and now also heading the World of O Ranking at the end of the 2008 season. However, Gueorgiou is only 25 small points behind Hubmann – mirroring the close call in the World Cup. Hubmann is heading both the Sprint and Long distance rankings – whereas the King of Middle distance – Gueorgiou – of course has a clear lead in the Middle distance Ranking.

Note! For the first version of this article, World Cup races at O-Ringen were not included in the rankings for the individual disciplines. They were however included in the overall rankings. This is now fixed.

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  1. The races from this year World Cup in ORIngen are counted in the overall ranking, however they don’t appear in the each distance rankings. It seems, that the type of the race is not added to results, and so these results are not included in sprint, middle and long rankings, but only to overall.

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