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Ouch – big mistake!

Following up the post on the mistakes from the NOC Long distance, we could not just ignore this huge mistake from the last leg in todays NOC Relay. Norway 3 and Finland 2 completely lost control on the way to the second last control – getting far off to the south (see above).

This years NOC Relay had short technical legs with a lot of gaffling, and the technical orienteering became very important. It you have not taken a look at the Tracking from the NOC Relay yet, I’d advice you to do so. In addition to the mistake above, you can see a lot of top-class orienteering – and also see how the top-orienteers make mistakes under pressure when pushing each other to high speed.

Using the links below, you can replay the complete last leg from start until finish, and get a feeling for the excitement in the relay:

Results Men

1 Sweden 1 SWE 1.31.21
2 Switzerland 1 SUI 1.32.45
3 Finland 1 FIN 1.32.56
4 France 1 FRA 1.34.36
5 Sweden 2 SWE 1.35.45
6 Czech Republic 1 CZE 1.35.56

Results Women

1 Sweden 1 SWE 1.31.39
2 Finland 1 FIN 1.33.03
3 Norway 1 NOR 1.33.13
4 Finland 2 FIN 1.36.26
5 Switzerland 1 SUI 1.36.40
6 Finland 3 FIN 1.39.45

Below you see all GPS Tracks from the mens last leg.


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