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WoO Fantasy World Cup: Set up your Team

Set up your own Team of Elite Runners, and follow them through this years World Cup, starting the following Tuesday June 9th. The WoO Fantasy World Cup is a ‘for-fun’ manager-type competition where you can set up a World Cup Team consisting of 10 runners (either men, women or a mix), and get points according to their performance.

Disclaimer! This is a very experimental ‘for-fun’ service, and errors may (and will) occur. Only runners who have been competing in the World Cup/WOC/JWOC since 2006 may be included in your Team for now, and thus some runners who may be in the top in this years World Cup may not be added. Take it for what it is, and have fun with it! Testing will be done during the first World Cup round, and if things turn up stable, we might get up some prizes / sponsors for you over time…


Choose a Team consisting of 10 runners (you can choose arbitrary number of men/women).

Points are calculated in the following way:

  • For each World Cup race, your score is calculated as the World Cup points of the 10 runners in your team
  • Bonus: In each World Cup race, you get a bonus of 50% of the points for the runner who is on the top of your team-list. Another 25% bonus for the runner on second place on your team-list, and yet another 10% bonus for the runner who is number three on your team-list
  • Your 7 best total sums of the 9 World Cup races count in the total figure
  • You may drag as many runners over to your team in the right column as you want, but only the 10 topmost runners count in your sum
  • You can change which runners are in your team between each race
  • Last chance to change your team ahead of each World Cup race is given in the overview table here.
  • Calculation of points will be done after each World Cup round – but you may change your team ahead of each competition.

See the complete rules – and register your Team here!.

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  1. This looks great and fun! Looking forward to participating.
    The “overview table” of dates does not seem to show up when I click on the link.

  2. @Boris: Thanks – fixed it now. Might be more stuff like that, so please tell me if you find some trouble…