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Kauppi and Hubmann favourites – Live from 14:30 CET

World Cup, O-festivalen: Daniel Hubmann has 1.26 to catch on Peter Öberg and Carl Waaler Kaas, but is still the favourite of the WoO Fantasy World Cup managers in the mens class when the World Cup continues with a long distance chasing start at O-festivalen in Oslo today. For the women, Kauppi is the big favourite. There will again be possibilities to follow this exciting race with live webTV, live GPS tracking and live results.

Fight against Kauppi

Kauppi is the favourite among the women, but she will still have to fight hard for the victory. Marianne Andersen starts only 47 seconds behind – and with a tough long distance course in terrain similar to Marianne Andersens home terrain, Kauppi will not have an easy task. Simone Niggli in fourth position – 2:16 behind Kauppi – is also very interested in showing that she is really back in the top. The Swedish girls Helena Jansson and Emma Johansson will also be part of the fight for the victory.

  1. Kauppi,Minna Finland 14:30:00
  2. Andersen,Marianne Norway 14:30:47
  3. Jansson,Helena Sweden 14:31:58
  4. Niggli,Simone Switzerland 14:32:16
  5. Johansson,Emma Sweden 14:32:38
  6. Holmström,Bodil Finland 14:32:44
Hubmann again?

Hubmann is the favourite among the Fantasy World Cup managers after his impressing last leg legs for Kristiansand at Jukola and 10Mila. Will the Swiss runner be the best in a fight man against man in the tough Norwegian terrain as well? Mattias Merz is another Swiss runner who has shown impressive results in similar fights earlier – starting 1:37 behind. However, Peter Öberg, Carl Waaler Kaas and Anders Nordberg who are the first starters will have to be counted among the very big favourites. And don’t forget Thierry Guergiou – who really wants to get his revenge after several for him disappointing performances this season.

  1. Öberg,Peter Sweden 15:00:00
  2. Kaas,Carl Waaler Norway 15:00:00
  3. Nordberg,Anders Norway 15:00:21
  4. Wingstedt,Emil Sweden 15:00:38
  5. Gueorgiou,Thierry France 15:00:43
  6. Andersson,David Sweden 15:01:09
  7. Föhr,Tero Finland 15:01:16
  8. Johansson,Martin Sweden 15:01:26
  9. Hubmann,Daniel Switzerland 15:01:26
  10. Adamski,Phillippe France 15:01:27
  11. Merz,Matthias Switzerland 15:01:37
  12. Renard,Damien France 15:02:05
Follow the race live

Use the following possibilites to follow the race live

Manager favourites

Below you see the favourites of the managers in the WoO Fantasy World Cup ahead of the chasing start.

  1. Minna Kauppi (194 teams)

  2. Daniel Hubmann (193 teams)
  3. Thierry Gueorgiou (191 teams)
  4. Simone Niggli (157 teams)
  5. Peter Öberg (147 teams)
  6. Helena Jansson (147 teams)
  7. Matthias Merz (137 teams)
  8. Marianne Andersen (120 teams)
  9. Anders Nordberg (114 teams)
  10. Emil Wingstedt (94 teams)

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  1. Any GPS tracking available? On the gpsseuranta website and in program, only yesterdays WC replay and a Finnish relay of tody appears.