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Still Scary in Fantasy World Cup

Thierry Gueorgiou and Helena Jansson got a DNF and DNS respectively in World Cup race number 4 of the season at O-festivalen in Oslo, Norway. Thus many managers lost two of the runners in their team, and thus only had a team of 8 runners. Manager Magne Dæhlie with the Dæhlie Team did not have Gueorgiou in his team – instead he had both winners Minna Kauppi (picture, right) and Martin Johansson (picture, left) in his team – and thus took the victory for World Cup race number four with a total of 640 points.

In the overall Fantasy World Cup, the Scary Team increased its lead to 19 points – with Bushmen in second spot.

Jansson dropped the race due to knee problems, whereas Gueorgiou quit the race at the 21st control as can be seen on the GPSseuranta Tracking from the event.

The World Cup – and therefore also the Fantasy World Cup – now takes a break until the World Orienteering Championships in Hungary in August. The next three World Cup races are the WOC Middle distance on August 19th, the WOC sprint distance on August 20th and the Long distance on August 23rd.

Dæhlie Team – Best in World Cup race 4

The Dæhli Team with manager Magne Dæhli won the 4th round of the Fantasy World Cup with the following team:

1.   Minna Kauppi – 150.00 2.   Marianne Andersen – 100.00 3.   Daniel Hubmann – 44.00
4.   Emil Wingstedt – 60.00 5.   Helena Jansson – 0.00 6.   Carl Waaler Kaas – 45.00
7.   Simone Niggli – 60.00 8.   Martin Johansson – 100.00 9.   Peter Öberg – 50.00
10.   Matthias Merz – 31.00
Top 10 after World Cup Race 4
Place Team name Manager Points so far E-mail address
1. Scary Anders Skarholt 2583.50 points 21014@—–.—
2. Bushmen Kristoffer Fiane Pedersen 2564.50 points krist_o_ffer@—–.—
3. Klingenberg Emma Klingenberg 2520.50 points emma.klingenberg@—–.—
4. accelerate Rachael Elder 2514.00 points purplefunkster@—–.—
5. Johnsson Magnus 2513.50 points magnus@—–.—
6. TTT hansT 2509.25 points hans.troan@—–.—
7. Slevik IL Kjell Arild Karlsen 2507.75 points kjellakarlsen@—–.—
8. Karst Stars Áron Less 2500.60 points aron.less@—–.—
9. All-in team Michal Krajčík 2481.30 points mikrajo@—–.—
10. Sheffield Steelers OJ 2479.50 points olijohnson@—–.—
Want to be a sponsor?

The WoO Fantasy World Cup has proven to be very popular – with more than 200 Teams participating. The best managers deserve a price for their hard work – and thus I’m now looking for sponsors who want to sponsor the WoO Fantasy World Cup with some fine prizes for the best managers. Want to get your company visibility with the Fantasy World Cup? Drop me a message at Jan@Kocbach.net.

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  1. “Gueorgiou quit the race at the 21st control as can be seen on the GPS”

    Yes, I noticed that. But why did he quit?

  2. Indeed why? What happened? No information at all nowhere. I also noticed from GPS track that when his teammate Damien Renard accidentally passed by, he also stopped and they came together with Thierry really slowly back to the CC. Injury or some beesting again?