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JWOC 2009: Official training week started

World of O is planning to cover the JWOC with live blogs similar to NOC and Jukola. Now the official training week has started, and we are giving you a small preview of what is happening down in Italy now. Several of the national junior teams have arrived in Trentino, Italy to start preparing for the highlight of the year – the JWOC 2009 starting in less than a week at July 6th with the sprint distance.

Official Training week: Timetable

Below you find the timetable for the official training week for the Junior World Orienteering Championship 2009. Expect to find many of the training maps on omaps.worldofo.com the coming days – see some of the maps in the links at the bottom of this page.


Updated 1/7/09: See also map from middle training via Nz Squad JWOC blog.

JWOC Programme
Monday July 6th 15:00-18:20 CET Sprint Final (No Qual)
Tuesday July 7th 10:00-16:45 CET Long Final (No Qual)
Thursday July 9th 09:00-12:00 CET Middle Qual
Friday July 10th 10:10-12:45 CET Middle A Final (B/C-Final earlier)
Saturday July 11th 14:30-16_45 CET Relay

See the complete programme here.

Several teams arrived

Several teams have already arrived in Italy – and some of the teams also have their own blogs – expect to find them on World of O from the coming weekend. The New Zealand JWOC Squad reports:

  • – We encountered the other teams for the first time today, Russa, Japan, South Africa and Hong Kong were all out on the map training at the same time as us. We expect to see heaps more of the other countries as the week progresses, as Primiero isn’t a very big place! JWOC is being promoted much more than last year in Sweden. There are posters and o flags up in shops all over town and most of the lamp posts have JWOC 2009 flags hanging from them.

Read more on the NZ JWOC Squad 2009 blog.

Live Blog: Help needed

World of O is planning to cooperate with the JWOC organizers to cover the Sprint, Middle and Long finals with a Live Blog as for Jukola/10Mila/NOC (pending details on how the live results etc. will be from the competitions – but first info seem promising). Help from World of O readers is appreciated as always! If somebody wants to be in on the team as a panelist and/or moderators, please send an email to jan@kocbach.net. Comments and pictures from spectators present in Italy via Wifi/mobile phone would be great – we can put you on a “always allow” list – and maybe even try to get wifi-access via the organizers if possible.

Links to maps and stories

Below you find a collection of some maps and stories from JWOC preparations:

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  1. http://www.juniororienteers.blogspot.com/
    Thought you might like to add the South Africa blog address

  2. The Irish juniors have a JWOC 2009 webpage where you can follow their progress in Italy: http://sites.google.com/site/ijsweb/events/JWOC2009