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Portugal O-Meeting: International Season Opening

Daniel Hubmann, Thierry Gueorgiou, Emil Wingstedt, Valentin Novikov, Anders Nordberg, Carl Waaler Kaas, Mikhail Mamleev, Olav Lundanes, Tero Föhr, Fabian Hertner, Philippe Adamski, Baptiste Rollier, Francois Gonon, Holger Hott, Jan Prochazka, Graham Gristwood, Mats Haldin. This could have been the result list in a World Cup race, but it is actually reading the start list from the bottom in the Mens Elite for the WRE Middle-distance competition at Portugal O-Meeting (POM) the coming on Sunday February 14th. And still there are more potential WOC-medalists on the start list! 278 runners – one minute start interval!

Update! You find full results from POM 2010 here.

  • POM Day 1: Victory to Hubmann and Jansson

In the womens class, the situation is similar. Reading from the end of the start list, we have got Simone Niggli, Anne-Margrethe Hausken, Helena Jansson, Signe Søes, Eva Jurenikova, Julia Novikova, Angela Wild and Heidi Østlid Bagstevold.

The map above is from a training Øystein Kvaal Østerbø had on Quiaios. Quiaios will also be used for Day 3 in Portugal O-Meeting.

Taking over after Spring Cup

As written in the February Top Picks, Portugal O-Meeting seems to have managed to take over Sprint Cup’s position as the international season opening for the orienteering elite (although Sprint Cup still has a quality field). The highest scored World Ranking points ever was at POM 2007 by Thierry Gueorgiou with 1516 points. Damien Renard (2nd, 1473 points) has the third highest World Ranking score ever from the same event. Simone Niggli scored the 4th highest World Ranking points in 2009 at POM 2009.

Maps and results

There are several maps in the area in Omaps.worldofo.com – click this link to see maps in the surroundings. There are also some maps from runners training in this area the last days – for example the training of Alessio Tenani (see e.g. map here, and here).

I will try to update you with maps and results from POM during the next days. As an extra service, news from Portugal O-Meeting have been added on the World of O main page for the duration of the races in order to get the latest news out to World of O readers.


POM 2010 consists of 2 Long distance events, two middle distance events and an additional Night urban sprint:

  • Saturday February 13th: Long Distance – Leirosa’s map
  • Saturday February 13th: Night urban sprint – Costa de Lavos’ map (POM extra-competition event)
  • Sunday February 14th: Middle Distance WRE – Lagoa da Braças’ map
  • Monday February 15th: Long Distance – Quiaios’ map
  • Tuesday February 16th: Middle Distance – Lagoa da Vela’s map

POM 2010 offers varied terrain – you find terrain pictures and map samples here – below a short summary of the terrain:

  • Stage 1. Day 1 – Saturday, 13-02 Praia da Leirosa Long Distance Pine forest terrain with some patches of different trees, with reduced higher grass of shrubbery growth. Presents, some open and one semi-open areas with good visibility. Typical pathways (sandways).
  • Day 2 – Sunday, 14-02 Lagoa das Braças, Quiaios Middle Distance – WRE Small-grown pine forest terrain with some patches of different trees and shrubbery, with reduced higher grass growth. Presents micro-contour areas, requiring greater navigation skills
  • Day 3 – Monday, 15-02 Quiaios Long Distance Pine forest terrain with reduced higher grass of shrubbery growth. Presents both micro-contour as well as medium contour areas, with good runnability but low visibility. Patterned pathways; altitude between marks 21 and 60.
  • Day 4 – Tuesday, 16-02 Lagoa da Vela, Quiaios Middle Distance Pine forest terrain with reduced higher grass of shrubbery growth, with good runnability. Typical pathways (sandways). Presents micro-contour areas, requiring greater navigation skills.

Some useful links for the upcoming POM 2010 competitions:

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  1. Hello World (our world)!

    I can´t believe that i´m the first to comment.
    My name is Paulo Fernandes and i´m a Portuguese Orienteering guy.
    After 2 weeks of hard training, i´m prepared for the “POM 2010″, in “Veterans M B” class.

    To all of you that yet not discovered Portugal, our Orienteering maps, our food and our way to say welcome, don´t wait any more.
    Take the next plane to Portugal…

    Take care (without injuries),
    Paulo Fernandes

  2. Eastborder junkyard cowboys will take the lead in middle distance!

  3. Jersey “revolver” Pajunen will strike hard at 1204 starting time

  4. There are many several few big favourites from the whitebull area in Switzerland:

    Jonas “the peace pipe” Mathys,
    Tom “the legend” Hodel,
    Lars “smoke signal” Brönnimann,
    Beat “evergreenhorn” Roth,
    Christian “the bear” Wüthrich,
    Sebastian “babybull” Hägler,
    Alco “christian” Hohl,
    Stefan “whitebull of the hearts” Zingg,
    Kaspar “taxidancer” Hägler,
    Christoph “the drumeler” Rathgeb,
    Fabian “softer” Hertner,
    Matthias “this guy is a rocket” Kyburz,

    Best wishes,
    The Paths Of The Philosophers

  5. Naturally from those whitebull area guys will the softest be the fastest!