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MOC 2010 Day 1: Maps

Daniel Hubmann took the victory ahead of his brother Martin Hubmann in the mens class – while Simone Niggli won ahead of Helena Jansson in the womens class in todays night sprint which at MOC. The first day of MOC consisted of a prologue in the morning and a night sprint in the evening, where only the night sprint counts for the total MOC standings along with tomorrows middle distance race.

Both sprints were held in small towns with many small streets – and gave interesting orienteering challenges for the runners. For the big challenges they will have to wait for Forest Umbra tomorrow.

Gabriele Viale has again managed to attract several of the top elite runners – and although there is a long way to the elite field in Portugal O-meeting, this will be another interesting weekend. The terrain of the Middle distance of Saturday is the tricky Umbra Forest (see map extract above from Thierry Gueorgiou’s training camp last year).


Part of the Men 21 course from the Nightsprint.

Here you find maps from the first day of MOC 2010:

Photos from the area

Photos provided by Panoramio. Photos are under the copyright of their owners.

Author: Charlyfoxtrott | Photos provided by Panoramio are under the copyright of their owners


1. Daniel Hubmann, Switzerland, 14:09
2. Martin Hubmann, Switzerland, 14:55
3. Fabian Hertner, Switzerland, 15:19

8. O-Markus Taivainen, Finland, 16:06
27. Peter Öberg, Sweden, 18:01

1. Simone Niggli, Switzerland, 12:38
2. Helena Jansson, Sweden, 13:10
3. Kajsa Nilsson, Sweden, 13:19
4. Minna Kauppi, Finland, 13:43
5. Linnea Gustafsson, Sweden, 13:52

Below an introduction about MOC 2010 from the intro-article is repeated.

Hubmann against Öberg

In the first big meeting of the year – the middle distance with World Ranking Event (WRE) status at Portugal O-meeting Thierry Gueorgiou took the victory in the mens class ahead of Emil Wingstedt and Fabian Hertner. Daniel Hubmann was disqualified for punching a wrong control at the WRE, but had an impressive race at the first day of Portugal O-meeting. In Italy Hubmann will get a new chance against the big runner of the 2009 spring season – Peter Öberg – who did not compete in Portugal. Also at the start in Italy will be Olli-Markus Taivainen.

Season opening for Kauppi

Simone Niggli and Helena Jansson shared the victories in Portugal O-meeting between them – Niggli taking the first spot in the most prestigious WRE middle distance event. In Italy, they will meet Minna Kauppi, who is ready to leave the snow in Finland and become a gazelle in Italy – according to Kauppi is is nearly half a year since she was running the last time. It doesn’t stop there – however: Also coming to MOC according to Viale are the top Swedes Linnea Gustavsson, Kajsa Nilsson and Lena Eliasson.

Sprint, Middle and Relay

MOC this year consists of three events,

  • Friday February 26th: Sprint – Peschici (historic town)
  • Saturday February 27th: Middle – Foresta Umbra (tricky terrain with depressions, see map sample above and here)
  • Sunday February 28th: Relay – Piano Impiombato (mostly grasslands, some depressions)

In addition there will be a prologue Friday morning. None of the events at MOC are World Ranking Events.

We have been promised maps from the MOC events soon after the events are finished – these will be posted as soon as possible here at World of O.

Video – MOC 2008

The video from MOC 2008 – featuring Thierry Gueorgiou and Francois Gonon, is one of the best orienteering videos I know about (it’s kind of a slow start, but then it takes off) Take a look yourself – Gueorgiou and Gonon are explaining what orienteering is all about:

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