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Baltic Champs Long: Maps and Results


A four minute mistake in a green area cost Edgars Bertuks (Latvia) the chance to win the Baltic Champs Long distance in the men’s class – in the end finishing in 4th – 3:51 behind winner Jonas Vytautas Gvildys (Lithuania). Gvildys won the race 1:13 ahead of Latvian Rudolfs Zernis.

Bertuks had high speed, but did several other smaller mistake – some of them based on wrong microroute-choices, entering areas with lower running speed while Gvildys found better runnability. It looks like the speed of the Latvian World Champion from 2012 is getting close to where it should be – next up is getting the orienteering 100%. Next week’s World Cup races in Sweden/Norway will show how Bertuks compares with the very best in the World.

The women’s class was won by Gabija Ražaitytė (Lithuania) ahead of Anastasia Denisova (Belarus).

Map, course and GPS-tracking

The terrain invited to many micro routechoices, and although often the straight route was the fastest, there were many examples in which using paths and avoiding the marshy, green parts could earn you some valuable seconds.  One example is shown below. Bertuks loses time in the marsh at the last half of the leg.


GPS-tracking (provided by Sportrec):



M21E (48) 14,7 km 29 C
Pl Name Club Nat Time Diff.
1 Jonas Vytautas Gvildys Lithuania LTU 1:26:06 0:00
2 Rūdolfs Zērnis Latvia LAT 1:27:19 +1:13
3 Andris Jubelis Latvia LAT 1:28:41 +2:35
4 Edgars Bertuks Latvia LAT 1:29:57 +3:51
5 Simonas Krėpšta Lithuania LTU 1:30:11 +4:05
6 Vilius Aleliūnas Lithuania LTU 1:30:35 +4:29
7 Mārtiņš Sirmais Latvia LAT 1:30:56 +4:50
8 Dmitry Mikhalkin Belarus BLR 1:31:18 +5:12
9 Jānis Kūms Latvia LAT 1:31:21 +5:15
10 Sander Vaher Estonia EST 1:31:58 +5:52


W21E (43) 9,1 km 21 C
Pl Name Club Nat Time Diff.
1 Gabija Ražaitytė Lithuania LTU 1:05:35 0:00
2 Anastasia Denisova Belarus BLR 1:07:11 +1:36
3 Laura Vīķe Latvia LAT 1:07:12 +1:37
4 Līga Ārniece Latvia LAT 1:07:49 +2:14
5 Kristina Rybakovaitė Lithuania LTU 1:09:07 +3:32
6 Sandra Paužaitė Lithuania LTU 1:12:21 +6:46
7 Laura Joonas Estonia EST 1:15:49 +10:14
8 Teklė Emilija Gvildytė Lithuania LTU 1:16:17 +10:42
9 Kristīne Bertuka Latvia LAT 1:17:06 +11:31
10 Sigrid Ruul Estonia EST 1:17:35 +12:00

Thanks to Sportrec for providing GPS-files for analysis.

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