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EYOC 2016: Coming Up This Weekend


Long distance Friday, Relay Saturday, Sprint Sunday. This is the program for this years’ European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC) which is organized in Poland this weekend from Friday July 1st until Sunday July 3rd. Nearly 400 athletes from 33 countries will be on the start line this weekend.

EYOC is the step before the Junior World Championships (organized in Switzerland in July this year) were the Gueorgiou’s and Niggli’s of tomorrow get the first opportunity to test themselves against competitors from all over Europe. Thierry Gueorgiou had his first big victory in EYOC back in 1995 – this was the first time the orienteering world got a real look at this exceptional orienteer.


EYOC is open for competitiors from 15 to 18 years of age, and competition is done in 15-16 and 17-18 categories. Several nations do only send athletes in the 17-18 classes. EYOC starts on Friday with a long distance – continues with a relay on Saturday and finishes off with a sprint on Sunday.

  • Friday July 1st: Long from 09:30 CET
  • Saturday July 2nd: Relay from 09:30 CET
  • Sunday July 2rd: Sprint from 09:10 CET

The long distance will be organized in very tough continental terrain with a complex system of deep and narrow valleys – partly the runnability will also be very low.

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Long: Mainly deciduous forest, parts with good runnability, but also more dense parts with slow running, a lot of paths. Highly technical terrain, complex systems of valleys, landslides, small marshes. Difference of hill hights up to 70m.

Relay: Mainly deciduous forest, good visibility and runnability, a lot of paths. Difference of hill hights up to 50m.

Sprint: Center of the old town with lots of small streets. Majority of the terrain has hard surface. Traffic in the event area is closed at all roads, however competitor shall be careful in case of vehicles outgoing from parkings and houses.

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  1. The programme is:
    Fri = Long
    Sat = relay
    Sun = Sprint

  2. Thanks, I know, got it right once and wrong one, which is far from good enough:) Fixing now!

  3. “Several nations do only send athletes in the 17-18 classes. ”

    I would have said that most of the nations don’t send their best athletes in the 17-18 classes, due to JWOC 1 week later…

  4. Hi!

    Does some one know if there is an online service about EYOC2016? I have so many athletes which I would want to follow. Especially my sisters son :-).

    Best regards,

  5. Are the maps from the Longdistance available somewhere?

  6. Tadeusz Piłkowski

    Looks like today there’s live TV coverage (same as on the big screen in competition area) with English commentary by Igor Błachut & Rafol Podziński. (and also kind of local language studios included like these during Jukola :)

    Still no maps from long and also no live results from relay.