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MOC 2010: Preview

Daniel Hubmann, Peter Öberg, Simone Niggli, Minna Kauppi and Helena Jansson are some of the big stars on the startlist for the Mediterranean Open Championships (MOC) in southern Italy – the second competition series this year with a good elite startfield. MOC starts on Friday February 26th with a sprint ...

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Dead running – separating method for the future?


Dead running is probably the separation method which has best potential for spreading runners without the course planner needing to make significant compromises (except for increased start interval). For all other known spreading methods, the course maker must change the course layout – i.e. the butterflies, phi-loops or the other ...

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Portugal O-Meeting Day 3: Map and Results

Scott Fraser and Helena Jansson won Day 3 of Portugal O-Meeting on a day where not all of the top runners gave their best. In second spot Fabian Hertner and Simone Niggli. The Portuguese where very happy with 8th place for Portuguese Diogo Miguel on homeground. Daniel Hubmann mispunched on ...

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StreetView + Orienteering Map = Cool!


Coupling Google StreetView with an orienteering map in split view turned out pretty cool. You can click any point on the orienteering map for which there is StreetView available, and see how it looks in real life. The other way around, you can use your cursor keys or mouse and ...

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Portugal O-Meeting: International Season Opening

Daniel Hubmann, Thierry Gueorgiou, Emil Wingstedt, Valentin Novikov, Anders Nordberg, Carl Waaler Kaas, Mikhail Mamleev, Olav Lundanes, Tero Föhr, Fabian Hertner, Philippe Adamski, Baptiste Rollier, Francois Gonon, Holger Hott, Jan Prochazka, Graham Gristwood, Mats Haldin. This could have been the result list in a World Cup race, but it is ...

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3 Minutes Start Interval for WOC Long!

Both for the WOC Final and for the WOC Qualification over the Long distance the start interval is increased from 2 minutes till 3 minutes, according to reports from the IOF meetings in Helsinki last week. This is very good news for the work for fairness in orienteering, as increased ...

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Top O-Travel Picks: April 2010

Prague Easter with technical orienteering in sandstone terrain, Postas Cup with technical sand dune terrain, the traditional JK Trophy in Great Britain, and several other interesting World Ranking events. Those are some of the highlights of the international fixtures list for April 2010. Read on to see a list of ...

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Top O-Travel Picks: March 2010

March is another month in which typically athletes from Northern Europe travel to Southern Europe to be able to combine a training camp with a few orienteering races. However, in March you don’t have to travel that far south to get good conditions in a normal winter, and therefore we ...

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Separating runners in Orienteering: Part III


It is time to dig into the extensive report on separating runners in orienteering again. This time we take a look at the different separating methods discussed in the report – and their applicability to a long distance race with a high quality start field. We also take a look ...

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JEC Sprint: Maps with routechoices

Swiss, Czech and Scandinavian Dominance in the JEC Sprint. Today’s sprint race of the Junior European Cup on the premises of the Bad Gottleuba Health Clinic bore testimony to the top condition especially of the runners from Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Czech Republic. Victories went to Pavel Kubat (CZE), Matthias ...

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