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WOC Middle Qual: Routes of Heat winners

See the routes of Heat winners Thierry Gueorgiou, Carl Waaler Kaas, Gernot Kerschbaumer, Tove Alexandersson, Simone Niggli and Tatiana Riabkina from the WOC Middle distance qualification. Carl Waaler Kaas Gernot Kerschbaumer Thierry Gueorgiou Simone Niggli Tatiana Riabkina Tove Alexandersson

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WOC Middle Qual: Maps and Results


Nearly all women made mistakes today according to the split times – and many of the men as well. A tricky middle distance was offered – a lot like the World Orienteering Championships in France last year. Heat winners were Thierry Gueorgiou, Gernot Kerschbaumer, Carl Waaler Kaas, Tatiana Riabkina, Simone ...

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WOC Middle Qual: Live from 13:00 CET

Thierry Gueorgiou is back on the start line today for the WOC middle distance qualification. That will give both him and everybody else a first answer as to wether he can get yet another middle distance title.  The middle distance is the most open race – and the middle distance ...

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WOC Long Qual: Routes of Heat winners and Brief analysis


Looking at the routes and races of the top runners in the qualification may give an indication of what to expect in the long distance final on Thursday. Below routes of the heat winners in the Long Qualification and some selected favourites and/or outsiders are shown. In addition to the ...

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WOC Long Qual: Maps and Results


[Update: Improved map quality]- One of the terrains with best runnability we I have been in on the trainings, Anders Norberg (Norway) said after running a steady qualification run in today’s WOC long qualification. Heat winners today were Olav Lundanes, Matthias Merz, Edgard Bertuks, Tatiana Riabkina, Simone Niggli and Minna ...

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A lot of Pictures & Team overviews!


Pictures of almost all runners – 800 pictures in total – for the WOC Sprint day have now been added to the World of O runner database along with WOC 2012 Team overviews. What a great sprint day in Lausanne! The pictures are sorted by runner or by country. Take ...

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WOC Long Qual: LIVE from 13:00 CET

The WOC long distance goes in typical Swiss “Mittelland” terrain (see old map above)- the qualification being better runnable than the final according to the terrain description. This “Mittelland” terrain suits the Swiss runners especially well – and the biggest favourites in this race are no doubt Swiss Matthias Merz and Simone ...

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WOC Sprint Final: Maps and Results


What a day for Switzerland! In courses with a lot of technical route choices, nobody could beat the Swiss runners in the WOC Sprint in Lausanne today. Simone Niggli took her 18th WOC gold medal – Matthias Kyburz his first. In the women’s class Danish Maja Alm gave Niggli a ...

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WOC Sprint Qual: Maps and Results


Some good runners missed the cut in the WOC sprint qualification today – on a course which by many of the runners was described to be “less technical than expected”. Some of the negative surprises of the day were Øystein Kvaal Østerbø (Norway), Fredric Portin (Finland), Christian Bobach (Denmark) and ...

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WOC Sprint: Qual 09:00 CET – Final 16:00 CET


With live TV & streaming, LiveBlog & GPS tracking in the afternoon, this is going to be an exciting day for everybody interested in orienteering. Switzerland and Sweden are the big favourites, but as Simone Niggli put it on yesterday’s press conference for the Swiss Team: – Sprint is a ...

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