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10Mila 2016: All You Need To Know!


One of the main highlights of the spring season is coming up on Saturday & Sunday morning: 10Mila in Falun, Sweden. With increased focus on high quality webTV broadcast this year, spectators both at home and on the arena in Sweden can expect highly entertaining competitions.  The start for the men’s relay ...

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Norwegian EOC Selection: Team, Results & Maps


Marianne Andersen is back in the Norwegian Team for the European Championships in Czech Republic in May – after struggling with injuries for several years, her last World Championships start being 5 years ago. Read on for the Norwegian EOC Team, the Norwegian World Cup Poland Team and maps and ...

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How long should the women’s Long Distance be?

idabobach_WOC2015Long 10

Is 70-80 minutes as today enough for the women, or should the estimated winning time be increased towards 90-100 minutes as for the men for IOF Long Distance events? The best women are clearly capable of running 20 minutes longer, but does that mean that a longer winning time is ...

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First real test ahead of WOC 2016 in Strömstad: Maps & Results


Many of the best orienteers in the world were present in Strömstad for the first real test in relevant terrain ahead of the World Championships this August. Norway won the men’s middle and long distance with Olav Lundanes and Eskil Kinneberg, respectively. Sweden’s Helena Jansson won both races for the women. ...

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WRE races Portugal & Spain: Maps and Results

P12 - M21SE_Day1

Thierry Gueorgiou and Tove Alexandersson won the World Ranking event middle distance in Portugal at Norte Alentejano O’ Meeting 2016 last Saturday. The same day a long distance World Ranking event was organized in Spain: Lorca O-Meeting with Andreu Blanes Reig and Svetlana Mironova as winners. The Portugal race offered the ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 24 2015


The World Championships in Sweden next year is the main focus for many elite athletes – and this is terrain which may feature many interesting routechoice legs. At the last day in this year’s edition of Route to Christmas, we visit terrain that is relevant for next year’s World Champs. The chosen ...

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Course of the Year 2015: WOC Long distance!


A fantastic long distance course in Scottish wilderness takes the honors as “Orienteering Course of the Year 2015″. The men’s course in the World Orienteering Championships Long distance wins with nearly three times as many votes as the World Cup long distance in Tasmania in second place – a massive victory!  ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 8 2015


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is the major leg of “The Course of the Year 2015” – the M21 course in the World Championships Long distance in Scotland. Accompanying today’s Route to Christmas is an analysis of the leg by World Champion on this very course Thierry Gueorgiou – and ...

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CISM Korea: Maps and Results


The Korean terrain offered some very intriguing orienteering – above you see one of the long legs from the men’s long distance. With the green being very slow and complex contours, this terrain gave many interesting route choices – especially for the long distance.  Russia were the strongest throughout the ...

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