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Live TV broadcasting from Swedish League finals May 12th-14th


[Friday 14:45 CET, Saturday 10:45 CET, Sunday 09:45 CET] The Swedish League finals with live web-TV broadcasting from all 3 disciplines May 12th – May 14th. Commentator is Michael Hallner, assisted by orienteering experts Jerker Lysell (sprint, Friday), Joakim Ingelsson (middle distance, Saturday) and Kalle Dalin (finals with pursuit start, shortened ...

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Euromeeting 2016: Friday – Sunday in Latvia


[LIVE GPS-tracking Friday 15:05 CET, Saturday 14:30 CET, Sunday 11:05 CET] Euromeeting starts Friday 23/9 at 14:00 CET with a Middle distance, continues with Long distance on Saturday and finishes off with a Sprint on Sunday. Several top runners choose the high quality Euromeeting races in Latvia to prepare for ...

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Latvian Champs Long: Bertuks and Valdmane


Edgars Bertuks and Liga Valdmane win Latvian Championships long distance on Sunday. Bertuks won with nearly 6 minutes – building on a 3rd place in the Latvian Sprint Champs on Saturday. From Bertuks’ official Facebook page: Sundays long distance was “ultimate survival” experience – terrible terrain (the map was surprisingly ...

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StreetView + Orienteering Map = Cool!


Coupling Google StreetView with an orienteering map in split view turned out pretty cool. You can click any point on the orienteering map for which there is StreetView available, and see how it looks in real life. The other way around, you can use your cursor keys or mouse and ...

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Map: Word Cup Final Middle – Live TV Sunday!

The map from the World Cup Final middle distance is now available – either via Routegadget at olternativet.ch or from the page of Klaus Schgaguler. You find both variants in omaps.worldofo.com. The World Cup final weekend continues with a Sprint with double world cup points Sunday for which there will ...

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Live TV Coverage for World Cup Oslo

International viewers WILL be able to view the excellent webTV-coverage promised from the the World Cup races in Norway June 26th and 27th. For some time it was unclear if the coverage would be available outside Norway. There will be a separate link for international viewers and a separate link ...

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woO-TV: WOC Long Final Runthrough with Headcam

WoO-TV has prepared a runthrough video of the last (and decisive) part of the mens course in the WOC 2008 long distance final with a headcam. Alongside the video the map along with a GPS track is shown in a split screen and the running speed in minutes/km. Headcam-runner is ...

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