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Webroute Forest Umbra: What would you choose?

– The forest Umbra is the type of forest where you get nothing for free and you have to work hard to be pleased with your performances, Thierry Gueorgiou explains at his website. Today we present a Webroute from this wonderful forest Umbra in southern Italy. Try to make a quick descision as always – and remember “Full speed – no mistake”

See also the the complete course with Gueorgiou’s routechoice – and Gueorgiou’s story about his trainings in Southern Italy at his homepage. The trainings in Gargano / Forest Umbra were part of the MOC 2009.

Note! Consider only control 14-15 below! The main challenge for this leg is how to simplify the leg to make it possible to keep high speed. The forest is not the fastest in this typical Karst terrain – keep this in mind when you plan your route for the leg below. There might not be too many options on this leg, but it is good mental training to draw your route, think about how to make sure you do fast & secure orienteering – and compare with the master of these tricky terrains afterwards…

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