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Fantasy WC: Remember to Set Up Your Team

Tomorrow on Friday June 26th the third World Cup race of the season is held in Oslo, Norway – The Norwegian O-Festival. Now is the time to remember to set up your Fantasy World Cup Team ahead of the race. The WoO Fantasy World Cup is a ‘for-fun’ manager-type competition where you can set up a World Cup Team consisting of 10 runners (either men, women or a mix), and get points according to their performance.

World Cup Race information

Expect startlists to appear during Thursday as deadline for entering names of runners is Thursday at 12:00 CET.

  • First start on Friday’s Middle distance is 13:31 CET for women and 13:42 CET for men according to Bulletin 4. For the Fantasy World Cup, Team registration will be open until Friday June 26th at 12:00 CET.
  • For Saturdays Chasing start Long distance first start is 14:30 CET for women and 15:00 CET for men. For the Fantasy World Cup, Team registration will be open until Saturday June 27th at 14:00 CET

Runners from 24 nations will participate in the World Cup round. This will be the biggest TV show from Norwegian Orienteering yet, with 7 cameras and direct web-TV broadcast at nrksport.no including GPS-Tracking of 50 runners.

Some useful links:

Top 10 after World Cup Race 2
Place Team name Manager Points so far E-mail address
1. Bushmen Kristoffer Fiane Pedersen 1321.00 points krist_o_ffer@—–.—
2. Johnsson Magnus 1320.50 points magnus@—–.—
3. accelerate Rachael Elder 1313.50 points purplefunkster@—–.—
4. Scary Anders Skarholt 1312.00 points 21014@—–.—
5. stars team Eran S. 1310.00 points eran2segal@—–.—
6. Sheffield Steelers OJ 1298.50 points olijohnson@—–.—
7. Die Förschtar fi Sarnthein Thomas Widmann 1297.40 points ueidman@—–.—
8. Klingenberg Emma Klingenberg 1296.00 points emma.klingenberg@—–.—
9. Slevik IL Kjell Arild Karlsen 1290.75 points kjellakarlsen@—–.—
10. Suderanten Wolfi 1284.25 points wolfgang.siegert@—–.—

Choose a Team consisting of 10 runners (you can choose arbitrary number of men/women).

Points are calculated in the following way:

  • For each World Cup race, your score is calculated as the World Cup points of the 10 runners in your team
  • Bonus: In each World Cup race, you get a bonus of 50% of the points for the runner who is on the top of your team-list. Another 25% bonus for the runner on second place on your team-list, and yet another 10% bonus for the runner who is number three on your team-list
  • Your 7 best total sums of the 9 World Cup races count in the total figure
  • You may drag as many runners over to your team in the right column as you want, but only the 10 topmost runners count in your sum
  • You can change which runners are in your team between each race
  • Last chance to change your team ahead of each World Cup race is given in the overview table here.
  • Calculation of points will be done after each World Cup round – but you may change your team ahead of each competition.

See the complete rules – and register your Team here!.

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  1. were is the start list for the world cup runners?
    i couldnt find it on the o-fastival website

  2. It seems like startlists have not been published yet.

  3. does tommrow race- the posision is for thr first in the finnish or to the best individual time?