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Summer-O: O’France 2016


Today’s quick look at summer holiday races takes us to France and O’France 2016. One of the most tricky events of the o-summer 2016? “De la pure technique!” 

Taking a look at the maps posted from O’France 2016, it surely looks like some athletes were challenged by the terrain. Partly open, partly green, filled with cliffs and stones. 1:7500 scale, and still in need of a magnifier….? Take a look at the maps below and enjoy. Any comments about the race are surely welcome.

The Summer-O 2016 series

About the Summer-O 2016 series: Traveling to new places and experience orienteering in new terrain is one of the highlights of the summer holidays for many orienteers – both orienteers on high level and hobby orienteers. The “Summer-O 2016″ series takes a quick look at some of the summer orienteering races of 2016. Sometimes it may just be a map with a course, sometimes several maps, sometimes results, sometimes comments, sometimes GPS-tracking or animations. 


See below for some maps from O’France 2016.

French5days WRE-middle

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com

Event webpage

Route animations

Selected Results

womenelite menelite


A video from Day 3 to see some impressions from the race.

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  1. Thanks for the article!

    You can get all the map with quite good quality on Matrace (a French website using routegadget)

  2. really really Tough! Difficulties to understand the maps, specially stages 4 and 5. Very long race Times, for all competitors…

  3. Real fun & challenge to run on those terrains… as always. Finding your way in this rocky/bushy maze while keeping some running speed requires 120% of your technical and mental abilities. But some (a lot of ?) runners were complaining that the courses were too difficult to be enjoyable. OK for Elite categories, but probably could have been a bit more adapted to other class to keep some fun in it ?