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Summer-O 2016: Swiss O-Week

Today’s event in the Summer-O 2016 series is Swiss O-Week, organized every second/third year in Switzerland. Swiss O-Week was organized in St. Moritz in Engadin this year – and the runners met a combination of interesting orienteering and fantastic scenery.

Most of the Swiss top runners were participating – but most took it easy on some of the stages. Also many other top runners took the opportunity to combine competitions and trainings in the Swiss alps. Overall winners in the elite classes were Baptiste Rollier and Sabine Hauswirth. The orienteering technical challenges were varied – one of the routechoice legs in the men elite class is shown below.

The next edition of Swiss O-Week will be organized in Gstaad in 2019.

The climb was too tough, even for Daniel #Switzerland #swiss6days #gpsanimation #orienteering #alpineterrain

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The Summer-O 2016 series

About the Summer-O 2016 series: Traveling to new places and experience orienteering in new terrain is one of the highlights of the summer holidays for many orienteers – both orienteers on high level and hobby orienteers. The “Summer-O 2016″ series takes a quick look at some of the summer orienteering races of 2016. Sometimes it may just be a map with a course, sometimes several maps, sometimes results, sometimes comments, sometimes GPS-tracking or animations. 

Selected Videos

See more videos here.


See below for some maps/GPS-tracking from Swiss O-Week 2016. See also more maps from the event.

Swiss O Week 2016 Ettape 1

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com
SOW stage 3 - Diavolezza

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com




Selected Results

See overall results here.

Men Elite

Rank Name Time
1 Baptiste Rollier 06:12:03
2 Kaspar Hägler 06:29:44
3 Marc Lauenstein 06:35:42
4 Ueli Werren 06:39:53
5 Andreas Rüedlinger 06:42:06
6 Remo Ruch 06:47:22
7 Jere Pajunen 06:54:04
8 Flavio Poltéra 06:56:21
9 Sebastian Inderst 06:58:09
10 Sven Aschwanden 07:06:40

Women Elite

1 Sabine Hauswirth 05:18:35
2 Isabelle Feer 05:46:30
3 Regula Hulliger 05:51:30
4 Sandrine Müller 05:55:00
5 Anina Brunner 06:15:45
6 Andrea Roggo 06:16:03
6 Katja Gygax 06:16:03
8 Sophie Tritschler 06:18:47
9 Marie Prochazkova 06:26:12
10 Monika Topinkova 06:27:30

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  1. The Swiss-O-Week takes place every 3rd and not every other year. Therefore next time 2019 in Gstaad. Greetings, Ruedi from Switzerland

    • Not entirely correct. The Swiss-O-Week takes place in an irregular cylce. Two years ago (2014) in Zermatt, five years ago (2011) in Laax and in three years time in Gstaad.

  2. Hey Jan
    Clean and detailed maps from all stages and courses can be found in the RouteGadget of the Swiss Orienteering federation:

    Greetings from Switzerland

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