GBR WOC Selection Long: Gueorgiou and Fasting


[Updated with map] Gueorgiou took another victory in the British selection races for the World Orienteering Championships in Scotland in August – this time over the long distance with a gap of 2 minutes down to Norwegian Carl Godager Kaas in second with Hans Gunnar Omdal (Norway) 7:20 down in ...

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GBR WOC Selection Middle: Gueorgiou and Alexandersson


Two of the major favourites at the World Championships in Scotland in August used the Great Britain WOC selection races for part of their preparations. Thierry Gueorgiou was behind Norwegian Magne Dæhlie for most of the race, but took the victory after a strong finish. In the women’s race Alexandersson ...

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Finnish Team for WOC in Scotland selected


– Double Junior World Champion Olli Ojanaho was considered for the team, but it was decided to not include him. He is only at the 270th place in the World Ranking, head coach Juha Taini comments the selection of the team. The Finnish Team for the World Orienteering Championships in Scotland ...

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JWOC Relay: GOLD for Sweden and Finland


The Gold medalists from the long distance – Olli Ojanaho (Finland) and Sara Hagström (Sweden) – each anchored their teams to Gold medals at the Junior World Orienteering Championships relay in Rauland, Norway at the last day of the championships. While the Finnish men won a clear victory with few ...

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JWOC Long 2015: GPS and Splits Analysis

leg_11_img_Markus Holter__56

Technical difficulties rather than major routechoice problems decided the Junior World Orienteering Championships Long distance 2015 in Rauland, Norway. Some of the top runners did several minutes of mistakes – often very close to the controls (see for example Markus Holter’s mistake at the 11th control above)   Analysis Men ...

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JWOC 2015 Long: GOLD for Hagström and Ojanaho


Finnish Olli Ojanaho won a second Gold medal at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Rauland, Norway after a great race. Swedish Sara Hagström won a well deserved Gold medal in the women’s class after trouble on both sprint and middle. The fight for victory in the long distance was ...

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Thierry Gueorgiou and Orienteering featured in the New York Times


[With great video] – His voice rose in excitement as he explained that the key to his dominance in the sport known as orienteering was an innate ability to quickly convert a two-dimensional piece of paper with a variety of symbols on it into a three-dimensional route through the woods, the ...

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Norwegian team for WOC in Scotland

annemargrethehausken_WOC2009LongFinal 2

Veterans Hans Gunnar Omdal and Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg are part of the Norwegian team for the World Championships in Scotland which was selected earlier this week. No Norwegian athlete will run all disciplines – and only one athlete, Anne Margrethe Hausken (photo above from WOC 2009), will run both urban ...

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Open Letter: Splitting the WOC?


– Even if WOC is a very important and well-established event and product, the International Orienteering Federation has done and is planning to make remarkable changes to the programme and the appearance of the event, Matthias Niggli, Janne Salmi, Simone Niggli and several other coaches, elite athletes, former elite athletes and other important ...

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JWOC Middle: GOLD for Ojanaho and Ahlsand


[With splits analysis, video interviews, photos] The Junior World Championships Middle distance offered tricky orienteering – which gave very big challenges for the athletes. Many of the favourites got problems in the slopes around Rauland – the terrain offering many diffuse marshes and varying vegetation. Again it was a day ...

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