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GBR WOC Selection race Sprint: Fraser and Egseth


[Updated with map] Scott Fraser (Great Britain) and Elise Egseth (Norway) won the British Sprint selection race for the World Orienteering Championships.

Scott Fraser and Cat Taylor (2nd) were the best in the British selection.

Note! There might be some issues with some of the split times. From the Nopesport ForumWe were using the WOC sprint trestles which are set up to have an SI box at each end of the trestle (ie two boxes for each control code). The two sets of units had not been time-synched with each other recently enough, so there are odd-looking splits where people registered with a box from one set at a control but the box from the other set at the next. Sorry!

Women: Tight between Egseth and Taylor

Elise Egseth won 4 seconds ahead of Catherine Taylor with Ida Marie Naess Bjorgul in 3rd at 0:14. Elise Egseth won 5 of 22 legs. The fight for victory was close; Catherine Taylor (lost 18 seconds at leg 16, finished 4 seconds behind in 2nd). Elise Egseth took the lead at the first control. Then the race lead changed between Jon Hollingdale (leading at the 2nd control) and Catherine Taylor (leading at the 3rd control) before Elise Egseth took over the lead at control 4 of 22 controls and kept it until the finish. Ida Marie Naess Bjorgul lost 10 seconds or less to the leg winner on all legs – that was least of all runners in this race.

Note however that there may be an error of a few seconds for some of the splits.


Men: Clear victory for Fraser

Scott Fraser won 17 seconds ahead of Andreu Blanes with Gaute Hallan Steiwer  in 3rd at 0:19. Scott Fraser won 5 of 27 legs. Scott Fraser was in the lead all the way from the first control to the end of the race. Vojtech Kral and Hakon Jarvis Westergard lost 10 seconds or less to the leg winner on all legs – that was least of all runners in this race.

Note that Murray Strain had high speed, but lost a lot of time at the 5th control. This is not an artifact from the split time problems though.


Map & courses

See the first part of the men’s course at the top of this article and the second part below (Thanks to Vincent for maps). This area was the reserve area for the WOC sprint, and was earlier embargoed – it should be quite relevant for the WOC sprint. The course looks nontraditional in that it has quite many legs with very sharp angles – and also several very short legs.

GBR WOC Selection race Sprint Men Part 1

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com
GBR WOC Selection race Sprint Men Part 2

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com




1. Scott Fraser INT 12:55 (+0:00)
2. Andreu Blanes 13:12 (+0:17)
3. Gaute Hallan Steiwer 13:14 (+0:19)
4. Vojtech Kral 13:18 (+0:23)
5. Hakon Jarvis Westergard 13:31 (+0:36)
6. David Schorah DEE 13:32 (+0:37)
7. Ralph Street SLOW 13:38 (+0:43)
8. Peter Hodkinson NOC 13:45 (+0:50)
9. Chris Smithard DEE 13:46 (+0:51)
10. Vincent Coupat 13:48 (+0:53)
11. Murray Strain INT 13:49 (+0:54)
11. Jan Petrzela 13:49 (+0:54)
13. Antonio Martinez 13:53 (+0:58)
13. Alasdair McLeod CLYDE 13:53 (+0:58)
15. Milos Nykodym 14:06 (+1:11)


1. Elise Egseth 13:16 (+0:00)
2. Catherine Taylor CLOK 13:20 (+0:04)
3. Ida Marie Naess Bjorgul 13:30 (+0:14)
4. Silje Ekroll Jahren 13:32 (+0:16)
5. Jon Hollingdale MOR 13:41 (+0:25)
6. Ruth Holmes SN 13:42 (+0:26)
7. Alice Leake SN 13:59 (+0:43)
7. Charlotte Ward SHUOC 13:59 (+0:43)
9. Helen Bridle ESOC 14:01 (+0:45)
10. Jana Knapova 14:29 (+1:13)
11. Ewa Gwozdz 14:37 (+1:21)
12. Kirstin Maxwell RR 14:43 (+1:27)
13. Jo Shepherd EUOC 14:46 (+1:30)
14. Iwona Wicha 14:50 (+1:34)

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