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Course of the Year 2018: World Cup Final Middle


A very technical middle distance course in Czech Republic is the “Orienteering Course of the Year 2018″! The course really challenged the competitors – both with tricky orienteering, challenging routechoices and tough climbs and downhills. To top it off, the area is truly spectacular, with big sandstone “rock citys” setting the scene. A very worthy winner!

The winning course was also one of the courses receiving most nominations. –  The course contains lots of interesting route choices, even the best runners made several mistakes, was the comment from one of World of O’s readers nominating the course. You find the men’s course with GPS-tracking here and the women’s course here. World of O’s analysis of the race is available here.

Before heading over to the interview with the course setter – a big thanks to all the sponsors of “Course of the Year” – without you this would not have been possible. Dear readers: Please head down to the bottom of the article and consider the fine sponsor prizes. Information about “lucky voter” prizes will be published after the “Orienteering Achievement of the Year” contest is finished.



Sprint and Long/Ultralong course of the year

JWOC Sprint in Hungary is the “Sprint Course of the Year 2018″ (overall 14th place) and the Norwegian Championships ultralong is the “Long/ultralong distance course of the Year 2018″ (overall 3rd place). Another course from JWOC – JWOC Middle – finished in second spot.

See full results below the interview with the course setter of the winning course.

longcourse sprintcourse

Interview with the course setter of World Cup Final 2018 Middle:  Jindřich Kořínek

Q: Congratulations with your course being awarded “Course of the Year 2018″! What are your thoughts about your course getting this type of award?

It is a tremendous success, I can’t feel more happy! Big thanks to everyone who voted for my course. However, I do have to include everybody who participated in the organisation of the event here. Big thanks belong especially to David Ales who entrusted me with creating the course, and Adam Chromy and Daniel Wolf who taught me a lot. It is important to mention that the beautiful, yet demanding (maybe sometimes too demanding for middle) terrain played a significant role in winning the award.


The course setter Jindřich Kořínek in action (private picture).

Q: Did you get any surprises with respect to which routechoices were fastest or were the athletes made mistakes?

I was actually expecting faster times in general, especially in the women’s category. But this could be due to the hard program in the previous days with some athletes running many kilometers on Thursday.


Illustration: Many women lost time already to the first control on a tempting routechoice to the left.

Q: Many athletes seemed to have trouble with taking the correct routechoices – both micro-routechoices and on the longer legs. Did you expect this? 

Yes, I was expecting that. This kind of sand-stone terrain is very special a who knows it was definitely in advantage. Specific training is for sure needed especially in regards to the upcoming WC 2021.

TOP 6 men Valdštejn

Course setter Jindřich Kořínek surrounded by the Top 6 men – who all seem to be happy with the course-setters job (private picture).

Q: What is your favourite part in the course – and why?

Definitely between control points 14 and 18 in men (10-14 in women). Its a wonderful ragged valley which is not really steep. I wanted all athletes to enjoy this part


Q: Can you take us quickly through the main challenges in the course, highlighting the legs where you see special challenges?

OK, let us go through the course. The description is actually very similar both for the men and women’s course; here we describe the women’s course. First there is a very short control point to the 1st control right after the start, and then already to the 2nd control a route choice where it was necessary to take your time when making the choice, and not be afraid to climb back up to the path. Then we have transit leg and a TV leg (control 5), with the TV control point not being  easy at all.


[Editors comment: Routechoice illustrations are made by World of O to accompany comments from the course setter]

Next is technical control with a routechoice, and then a transit leg to control 8.


The next six legs from control 8 to control 14 are 6 legs where it was essential to make the right choice on each leg, while staying focused with the position on the map.


Then follows the long routechoice leg to control 15, and a wonderfully technical leg to control 16.



[Editors comment: The men’s leg is actually a lot more interesting, and is included in today’s “Route to Christmas”. So head over there to submit your solution and read the analysis]

Then there is a routechoice to the final, 17th, control which is not too obvious … A right choice here was actually also essential.

Q: Did you have any special worries about the courses before the race?

Well, during the test runs, I was shortening and shortening the courses. So in the end I was actually worried that the athletes would complete the course in a too short time! Below you see an earlier version of the course from March 2018 with four extra control points and a map exchange.

M21 30.3.2018_2500

W21 30.3.2018_2500

Q: When did you start planning the courses – and how many hours do you think you spent on it?

The first version was done in spring 2017. I decided it is better rather not to count the time I have spent on it, but it was hundreds of hours in total for sure, including the sleepless nights before the race due to nervousness…

M21 10.9.2017_01

Illustration: Earlier version of the course from september 2017.

Q: Have you got an earlier version of the course with a leg which you really hated to let go?

Not really. The fundamental part in the valley stayed as I had intended from the beginning, even though I had to shorten the courses repeatedly and also make several compromises. A middle with 50 minutes would be the best, in my opinion. The only thing I regret is that I could not take the athletes further to show them more of this gorgeous terrain, as the start and finish being on the same place imposed certain limits to the course creation.

Q: Have you got any other comments to World of O’s readers?

Last but not least, I would like to thank my fiancée for the patience and support during the time I was drawing the course. And Merry Christmas to all!


Jindřich Kořínek had good help preparing the World Cup Final Middle courses (private picture).

Q: Thanks a lot for the interview,  Jindřich. And again congratulations to a great course and a fantastic job!

Results: Course of the Year 2018

We have again two technical courses on top in “Course of the Year″, the World Cup Final Middle in Czech Republic on top and JWOC middle distance in Hungary in a very special green/yellow maze terrain in Hungary in second spot. The Norwegian Championships ultralong distance in Norway is in third spot (Long/Ultralong distance course of the year) – this is the second year in a row that we have the Norwegian Championships Ultralong in Top 4. In the 6 top places we have courses from 6 different countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, France. This again shows how important it is to travel in order to really enjoy orienteering!

The “Sprint Course of the Year 2018″ is JWOC Sprint (Hungary) in 14th place overall – a great sprint course with many challenges,  with sprint courses from Italy following in the next three places.

1. World Cup final Czech Republic Middle 2018
    24930 points
2. JWOC middle distance Men 2018
    17360 points
3. Norwegian Champs Ultralong 2018 – H21
    15890 points
4. III Meeting de Orientacao Dao Lafoes
    11380 points
5. EOC Long 2018: M21E
    9990 points
6. OOCup 2018 Stage 4: M21E
    9790 points
7. III Meeting Orientação Dão Lafões 2018 – Long Distance
    9020 points
8. O-Ringen 2018 Stage 4
    8810 points
9. World Cup Long Norway 2018 – M21E
    7500 points
10. Swedish champs Long 2018
    7280 points
11. Finnish Champs Long 2018
    6940 points
12. Wawel Cup 2018 Rocky Sprint
    6810 points
13. KM Ultralong Troms 2018
    6580 points
14. JWOC Sprint 2018 – M20
    6560 points
15. Jukola 2018: 3rd leg
    6030 points
16. WOC 2018 Long Men
    5890 points
17. Venice Meeting – Meeting di Venezia
    5610 points
18. 10mila 2018 Leg 4
    5490 points
19. Italian Champs Sprint 2018 M21E (Part 1)
    5270 points
20. WOC Relay 2018 Men – leg 3
    5240 points
21. Italian Champs Sprint Relay 2018 – Elite Leg 1
    4970 points
22. World Cup Final Sprint 2018: Men
    4920 points
23. WOC Sprint Men 2018
    4200 points
24. Hungarian Sprint Champs 2018 – H21E
    3950 points
25. ASOM chasing start 2018
    3840 points

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Prizes from our Sponsors

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