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Routechoice Challenge: Ski-o Tour Day 2

RouteChoice Challenge is a new concept which is similar to Route to Christmas – but still very different. In RouteChoice Challenge you get to see a leg on the map – you submit the route you think you would have chosen, and can then take a look at others opinion – and also see their comment about the leg. RouteChoice Challenge is still in its early testing phase, so please report any problems/comments/ideas as a comment below. There are surely problems in some web-browsers.

In this first edition of RouteChoice Challenge, you get a leg from Ski-O Tour Day 2 – the map extract is taken from Ski-o.com. Take a look at the leg (number 5 to 6), draw the route you think you would choose – and then take a look at what the others thought about the leg. If somebody has the winner route for the leg – please add it!

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