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Replay the 10Mila excitement here!


– I said to my team mates ahead of the race that only 6 teams have won 10Mila 2 years in a row, and I wanted to be one of them, Thierry Gueorgiou commented after taking Kalevan Rasti to victory in 10Mila just as last year. His team mates made ...

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Tip 10Mila Results – Win Prizes worth 100+ Euros

Who will be the top teams in 10Mila 2011? Submit your tip for the results in 10Mila 2011 here, and win prizes worth more than 100 Euros (2 transferable starts for the complete OOCup 2011) if you can set up the best predictions! Requested are tips for the Top 5 ...

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10Mila 2011: All you need to know!


10MILA countdown: Two days left until one of the main highlights of the spring season for an orienteer: 10MILA. World of O will of course follow 10Mila all night on the LiveBlog – I hope to see many of you there! Countless hours of 10Mila 2011 Web TV with GPS ...

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Swedish Champs Sprint: Map, O-Route Challenge and Results

Truly international results in the Swedish Champs sprint today. Victories went to Sweden – Jerker Lysell and Helena Jansson. Many non-Swedish runners were high up on the results today ; Scott Fraser (GBR) in 2nd, Øystein Kvaal Østerbø (NOR) in 4th, Graham Gristwood (GBR) in 5th, Frederic Tranchand (FRA) in ...

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Interesting sprint leg: O-Route Challenge

The Norwegian Craft Cup sprint had several interesting route choices. Here we present one of them as an O-Route Challenge. Which route would you have chosen? About the O-Route Challenge: The Route to Christmas series has been very popular here at World of O the last years, and there have ...

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Swiss Team having fun with Gueorgiou & VJ commercial


No comments needed. First watch the two commercials for the new VJ shoes – then the Swiss Team video starring Baptiste Rollier. Camera man: Martin Hubmann. Update: Comment from Thierry Gueorgiou: “- I like this one :)” … I guess VJ sends big thanks to the Swiss Team for some ...

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Night-o Route Challenge! Where would you run?


The Norwegian Craft Cup Night and the Swedish Champs night gave the runners some interesting challenges. Where would you choose to run on the first leg? This is O-Route Challenge: Part 3 2011. About the O-Route Challenge: The Route to Christmas series has been very popular here at World of ...

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The fun starts tonight: 2 x GPS tracking from Night-o!


What a night this is going to be for orienteering fans! The GPS tracking season kicks off tonight with both the Swedish Championships in night-orienteering and the replacement race for the Norwegian Championships in night-orienteering (downgraded to Craft Cup due to snow in terrain). And guess what? Both races are with ...

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Garmin Forerunner 610: New favourite GPS watch?


Garmin today released a new Forerunner watch which will probably be the favourite choice for orienteers for o-technical analysis. The 610 will be better than the 405/410/310 XT for o-technical analysis due to reintroduction of the 1-second recording mode. Also the new touchscreen technology seems to be better than the ...

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