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Need your help: Route to Christmas 2010!

The ‘Route to Christmas’ series at World of O was been very popular the last years – and I have therefore decided to continue the series this Christmas as well. If you have got any good legs in RouteGadget from 2010-competitions – or old forgotten ones which are still interesting ...

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Vote for The Course of the Year 2010 now!


Set up your personal Top 5 List from the 60 nominated maps- and win prizes from our sponsors! The 60 nominated maps have been chosen based on submissions from the WorldofO.com readers and some of the worlds top orienteers through the last two weeks. Now YOU can choose “The Course ...

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Temptation Island

A somewhat unusual contour training dumped into the mailbox yesterday as a suggestion for The Course of the Year 2010. – Today, one of my friends asked me to set a course to work on his weakness: his ability to focus during the race, the course setter commented in his ...

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Gueorgiou: Orimattila and Peguerinos rocks


Thierry Gueorgiou gives two alternatives when interviewed about the course of the year 2010. The first is a race in Finland this September – the tricky Finnish short distance championships in Orimattila. – That was a real hit! I was already in trouble after just 300 meters, Gueorgiou comments. The ...

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Tiltnes chooses an ultralong distance race

– Places where a lot of you competitors run as fast as they want, but where they should not have. This is one of the most important ingredients in a good course according to Anders Tiltnes, who has been interviewed by WorldofO.com for “The Course of the Year 2010″. Read ...

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Kauppi: – The real stuff is suffering from all the public controls

Surprisingly, the course which gave her World Champs Gold medal is also the biggest disappointment of the year for Minna Kauppi. The worst course of the year according to Kauppi? The WOC Middle distance. – I quess the biggest disappointment was the World Champs in middle distance, Kauppi says in ...

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“LiveBlog” from Storsamlingen 2010

Norwegian Orienteering has its annual weekend of orienteering focused seminars this weekend – Storsamlingen 2010 – including the O-Galla in the evening where Norwegian Orienteering will celebrate itself and hand out 12 prizes for those who have done most for Norwegian Orienteering the last year. I have put up a ...

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Wingstedt: – Most fun in Venice

– The most fun competition I’ve [ever] run was the city orienteering in Venice. I had to be very concentrated to keep in contact with the map and all small alleys, Emil Wingstedt answers when asked about the best course he has ever run. For “The Course of the Year ...

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Lundanes: – The terrain was completely unknown

As an elite orienteer in 2010, you seldom get the chance to run a championships race in completely unknown terrain. This is something many of today’s elite orienteers envy the top runners of 20-30 years ago. At the Norwegian Champs Long distance this year, Olav Lundanes got this chance, a ...

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Daniel Hubmann: Trondheim, but not WOC

Daniel Hubmann is yet another athlete who found the best course of the year in the north of Norway around Trondheim – but not at the World Championships (WOC), but rather on an important race on the way to WOC. – The Craft Cup in May was a nice and ...

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